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Note:  Factory automatically adds 12 inches to your window height for roller wrap at no charge.

Measuring Your Windows Like A Pro

it’s easier than you think. We use the same 5-point measuring system for perfectly proportioned blinds every time. The steps below are for an inside mount and outside mount blinds. What’s the difference? Inside mounts fit flush to the window opening and provide a cleaner look. Outside mounts can artificially make the window appear larger than it is. Measure twice, and we’ll only have to cut once.

You will need:

+ 1 steel measuring tape

Step 1: Decide on whether you want to mount the window treatment inside the window recess (just the window opening) or outside on the wall or molding (overlapping the wall outside the window). For an inside mount continue to Step 2 and 3; for an outside mount continue to Step 4.

Step 2: Measure the width of the window first. Please measure the window opening—do not measure existing blinds—edge to edge. Mark the measurement “W” for width.

Step 3: Measure the height of the window opening and annotate it with an “H” for height.

Step 4: Measure


+ Be precise: Measure to the nearest eighth of an inch, and don’t round up or down.
+ Clearly indicate which number is the width and which is the height. We start with width and mark it with a “W,” and “H” for height.
+ We will deduct 1/4″ from the measurements you send so that the blinds do not touch the window frame. Do not deduct this when you measure.